angel-cherub series

Angel & Cherub Series

For both boys and girls, women and men. The min age required is at least sitting up on their own, and maximum age is 100+!

We offer two types. One is very clean with the focus on the subject(s) and is available to purchase with any of our usual print products.

The second style is done in an “Old Masters Art” style, these are heavy on creativity, talent and time and can be purchased as a wall portrait with add on products like gift prints and folios for family. These are one of kind art pieces that you will not be able to acquire anywhere else.

These are available year round via individual sessions for a small sitting fee of $99.

Style One - Angel Basic. Clean portrait with or without clouds.

Style Two - Old Masters Art Your Angel Art combined with 100+ yr old paintings to create a one of a kind Master Piece of you & or your children

The images above and below are examples of our second style of Angel Art. These are heavily edited using various 100+ year old paintings from Great Masters, artfully blended together to create your very OWN Old Masters Art Piece of you, your family or child(ren). You are welcome to give Nikki some direction as far as color preferences, but like any true art commission, the rest is left up to the artist to create. These take a couple of weeks to create. Available only as Fine Art framed wall portraits starting at 24 inches and up.